Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Hobby Lobby

In regards to Hobby Lobby and the court decision allowing them to decide what is included in the benefits packages that they provide to their employees, I keep seeing leftists bemoaning the fact that the decision gave a woman’s boss a say in her healthcare decisions, and “denied” her access to healthcare and contraception. 

I still can’t follow the logic in their arguments. 

Corporations can deny women access to contraception!!!eleventy11!!1!!!

What they’re really saying:

“Women are too stupid to figure out how to buy something on their own using cash, and will not be able to figure out how to provide cash for a good and/or service without their corporate employer taking over and doing it for them!” 

Sandra Fluke tweets:

Any day now, #SupremeCourt decides whether corporations can deny women access to contraception. http://dccc.org/fluke

Some other lefty twatwaffle:

Disturbed by the Supreme Court's decision to allow bosses to deny access to contraceptive care, including birth control. #notmybossbusiness

Elizabeth Warren:

Can't believe we live in a world where we'd even consider letting big corps deny women access to basic care based on vague moral objections.

The problem with this argument is obvious, at least to me.  Choosing not to pay for something, for someone else, is not the same as denying a person access to it.  Are women sentient, self-determinate individuals?  Or are they kept pets who need to be taken care of and have things purchased for them, or else they are incapable of getting them, themselves?  Leftists are arguing the latter, and I think anyone can see how stupid that argument is, on its face.  And, really, how offensive that premise is, too.  Maybe the “war on women” starts a little closer to their side of the political spectrum than they thought, if they truly believe that women are incapable of buying something themselves, if it isn’t provided for them by someone else. 

Try this on for size:

“I am really hungry right now.  My employer won’t buy me lunch, so he is condemning me to starve to death!”  Sound stupid enough for you?  Elaborate, if you will, on how that statement is any different from this weak-sauce argument emanating from the left vis-à-vis these 4 specific types of birth control?

No consideration is given to the fact that Hobby Lobby pays their employees in cash money, which, being legal tender for the satisfaction of all debts, both public and private, can be exchanged for the four types of contraception that Hobby Lobby has chosen not to pay for, at any time the woman pleases.  Or maybe they DID consider that, but think that you women out there are too stupid to figure it out for yourself? I don’t know, but I know what I think.  Logic dictates that they must think you’re all functionally retarded. 

Or maybe THEY are functionally retarded.  Hard to say. 

Hobby Lobby needs to stay out of their employees bedrooms!!!eleventy1!!1!!

What they’re really saying:

“Get out of my bedroom!  Leave your wallet when you go!”

Hashtag #notmybossbusiness is trending right now.  The argument goes a little something like this: 

My sex life is not my boss’s business, so he needs to stay out of it!

My response is simple:

That’s exactly what they’re doing!  You don’t get to say “stay out of my bedroom!” and also “you have to pay for my contraception!” in the same sentence and not look like an illogical moron.  Basically, it’s saying “mind your own business and stay out of my bedroom, but leave your wallet when you go (bigoted woman hater!)” 

This might be the stupidest argument that they’ve put out there, so far, because it is completely self-defeating.  “Mind your own business, but be involved in my business at the same time!” 

Healthcare decisions should be between a woman and her doctor!!1eleventy1!!1!!

What they’re really saying:

“Healthcare decisions should be a three-way decision between a woman and her doctor, and also her employer, who should be compelled to not only morally agree with every one of those decisions, but to pay for them without question!”

Again, I can’t tell if this is meant to be a red herring, or if the people shouting this are really so stupid that they truly believe that a corporation choosing to stay out of a woman’s healthcare decisions as they relate to 4 specific forms of birth control, is somehow getting between a doctor and the woman in making healthcare decisions.  Hobby Lobby has specifically stated that when it comes to decisions that deal with these 4 forms of birth control, that they want nothing to do with it.  That is actually the opposite of “getting between a woman and her Doctor in making healthcare decisions.”  In fact, it is EXACTLY the opposite.  If they paid for those 4 forms of birth control, they’d be involved in the decision to some extent.  By not paying for them, they are totally uninvolved in every way, shape, and form. 

So how do any of their arguments pan out at all?  The fact is, they don’t.  Not a one.  There is no decent, compelling argument coming from the left that would logically cause any free-thinking person to conclude that an employer should be compelled to provide a service in their benefit package that they don’t want to provide, for any reason at all.  When it comes down to it, one is left with two options, as they relate to the disposition of these folks, and neither are very good:

1.       These people are morons;

2.       These people are extremely dishonest, and think that we are all morons and will buy into their bullshit without thinking critically about it.

In either case, I think I can safely say that I want nothing to do with them, and that I’m glad beyond words that they lost this case.  


  1. Forgot one more thing:

    They are arguing that Hobby Lobby isn't denying MEN contraception choices, which is false. Obamacare does not pay for vasectomies OR condoms, which are the only contraception options available to men, so this argument isn't even illogical - it's an outright LIE.

    There is no "war on women" in this issue. Only a leftist "war on logic and basic human decency".


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