Thursday, May 29, 2014

OMG, You Guys, I'm Like, So Totes Racist and Stuff!

So NPR says that maybe, just MAYBE, racism might not be the ONLY reason that people dislike President Obama.  Holy fucking shit….

Let’s see…

He’s participated in turning an economic downturn into a decade-long recession.

He’s extra-judicially murdered American citizens.

He’s spoken down to me at every opportunity that he could find, telling me that I’m stupid, bitter, idiotic, angry, and flawed, all while explaining to me that my decision to work hard and become successful was not my doing, but the doing of his benevolent government that allowed me to be such, and that other people are owed their “fair share” of what I’ve earned for my family.

He’s given untold billions of dollars of your and my money to bankers that were little more than crooks, and failed business models in order to prop up his political allies, against our will and all the while telling us to shut up and take our medicine. 

He’s smuggled guns to Mexican gangsters, resulting in his becoming an accessory to the murder of an American LEO by his own laws, and told us that we were being childish for being upset about that.

He’s ignored attacks on American soil, and allowed American citizens and Marines to die on American soil, defending American soil, because actually doing something to help them would have hurt his re-election campaign. 

He has become insanely wealthy during his tenure as President, and at the same time, lectured me ad nauseum about how cruel and inhumane I am for not wanting to give away my hard earned wealth to take care of the indolent and stupid, all while his own family members starve in Africa and his aunt lives in poverty, on welfare, as illegal immigrant in the US. 

He has taken every opportunity that he can to whittle away at our Constitutional Rights, including those of security in our own possessions, the right to keep and bear arms, the right to trial and representation at trial, the 10th amendment in its entirety….  I will not go on, but I don’t have the urge or the energy to write it all out.  Maybe commenters can help with a few more…

But yeah, really, the only reason I dislike him is totes because he’s black, you guys.  I’m racerist as fuck.  And stuff.    


Yeah, I didn’t really like him, either…  So what does that make me?  A white, anglo-saxon, protestant male hater? 

Or just a person who disagrees with his President’s actions while in office?  

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  1. Goober, what some of this comes from is the inability for the left or at least the administration's supporters to acknowledge that their guy was wrong. He lied, failed and has otherwise been miserable. So it becomes explained that its okay because Bush did it before hand. It means that the policies that Obama uses, or ignores that the left loves him doing it can't come up with a better argument that most people disapprove of those actions than YOU RACIST! That is all they can do because they know the things going on would be screamed about if the shoe was on the other foot. So if enough noise is made perhaps people will just turn a deaf ear to the details.