Thursday, May 29, 2014

More on Elliot, the Coward.

Elliot was a coward.  He was a pathetic excuse for a man.  He had reasonably good looks, money, and came from a somewhat well-known family, and was still a virgin at 20 something, despite his best efforts.  His failure was that of a man too solipsistic to recognize that other people are more than just actors in his own personal drama.  He couldn’t understand why people didn’t like him, because he had no concept of what it meant to be likeable. 

Like so many other things in life, getting people to do things for you, and act in the way that you want them to act is more often an exercise in changing YOURSELF than it is manipulating those around you.  If you want to be valued, be valuable.  If you want to be liked, be likeable.  If you want to get fucked, be fuckable. 

Feminists claim that PUAs drove him insane.  PUAs claim that his lack of “game” drove him insane.

My guess is that his insanity is what drove him insane.  There was something wrong in his head, that kept him from recognizing that very simple truth.  But I also blame the lies told to us by feminism to a large extent.   If his insanity was pre-existing, his inability to reconcile between the lies he was told as to how things are, and the actual reality of things was certainly a trigger.   

It was the cognitive dissonance created in his head when he lived exactly the life that feminists wanted him to live – that of an emasculated, wussified, compliant white knight “nice guy” – and was rejected by women right and left because what feminism says women want, and what they actually WANT, are two different things. 

He could not wrap his diseased little brain around the fact that feminism is a lie, and always will be a lie, and that women who buy into the feminist line are lying to themselves as much as they are lying to anyone. 

A woman who is not a lesbian will want to have a relationship with a man.  The things that describe Elliot:

Solipsistic, selfish, weak, emasculated, whiney, compliant, groveling, bitter… the list goes on and on, but the point is that these things, which describe Elliot as a person? 

None of those things fall within the definition of a man. 

I don’t subscribe to the red pill/blue pill comparison that many men’s rights advocates use, mainly because by their definition I’ve always been red pill, and never understood how a person could so fully believe the lies that they are told daily that it defines their entire reality, but people like Elliot make me think that maybe they are on to something. Elliot lived the very definition of the blue pill life.  He allowed people to lie to him, and he believed those lies.  He was unwilling to see the truth through those lies, and as soon as the truth of reality had deviated so far from the lies that he thought defined reality that he could no longer explain it away, his entire view of the world fell down around him.

Feminism told him what women want, and it was a lie.  When following that direction failed demonstrably, and the people acting in exactly the opposite manner were achieving the result that he sought, instead of looking inward and discovering that he’d been lied to, he lashed out because “people weren’t acting the way they were supposed to.”  As if such a thing could ever exist.  People are people.  They act how they want to, not how they’re “supposed to.”  Always have. Welcome to Earth, motherfucker. 

Red pill/blue pill, indeed.    

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