Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Progressive = Conservative

The progressive movement has always been one of obsessive conservatism, despite their rhetoric and their demand for “change.”  You see, their goal is comfort and safety; assurance, as it were, that they can remove all chance and uncertainty from the world, and live comfortable, safe lives, removed from risk and chance.  Any “change” that they ask for will be to further those goals, and therefore, any “progressive” change will actually be regressive to all of mankind.

They don’t understand that risk and chance are the driversof innovation and progress in humankind, and if you remove them, you remove our incentive to drive forward; to excel; to compete.  

Let’s look at some of their pet causes, for examples of what I’m talking about:

1.      Anthropogenic Global Warming – Progressives hate change.  The Earth’s climate is nothing but change, and they can’t handle it.  AGW was an attempt by the Progressive movement to actually gain control of the Earth’s climate.  Imagine the hubris that it would take for a human being to think that this is possible.

2.      Socialism – Progressives hate risk and chance.  The free market is exactly all of those things, and so they want to destroy it.  They would like a world where the lack of risk and chance would remove the ability to excel and become rich and successful, in exchange for a world where it is impossible to fail. 

The progressive movement is one of an insatiable desire to control all of the variables in the lives of every human.  They want centralized command and control because decentralized, organic things like the Earth’s climate and the free markets are simply too chaotic for them to deal with.  They want a man in a control room flipping switches and controlling things, to make sure everything stays comfortable.  They want it for a list of reasons, and that list includes a lot of psychological insecurities and borderline mental disorders. 

How can it be any other way, given a group of individuals that are absolutely convinced that, not only can they make better decisions for every individual on Earth than that individual would make for himself, but that they could also control the frigging climate if they were only given the chance? 

Progressive ideas sound good.  Comfort and security sound like good things.  But look at the price we’ll have to pay to get them.  Look at what a lack of comfort and a lack of security have done to drive every amazing achievement that mankind has achieved throughout its long history, and then ask yourself: do you really want to live in that world? 

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