Monday, May 13, 2013

IRS Targeting President's Political Opponents

This is just corrupt.  It’s fucking evil.  I cannot imagine how the people in our country accept things like this happening without demanding someone’s head.

Do we think these things are okay?  Do we accept the fact that whoever is in power is going to use the awful power of the federal government for his own personal gain without questioning that at all? 

Or do we just not care?  Until, that is, we are caught in the gears of the machine and ground into a pulp. 

Someone needs to go down for this.  Many, many someones, in fact.  There really ought to be people going to jail for this, but in fact, it looks like no one is even going to lose their job. 

And all I hear from the public, who should be outraged, are crickets.  What in the fuck?

Project Gunrunner was a plot in which your own government purposely smuggled guns into the hands of Mexican cartels, got a bunch of people killed (including a US Border Patrol Agent), and then covered it up like it never happened. 


The Federal Government violated the contracts of thestockholders of Chrysler Corporation by giving preferential treatment in the realignment to the sitting president’s political allies, ILLEGALLY screwing people in good standing in our country so that the party could buy a couple votes.  The government was on record telling people this exact quote when they protested: "Sorry but this is how it is and we really don't care what the law is.  We are the law and we can do whatever we want."


The Federal Government forced their hand in the housingmarket to forward their political goals, collapsing the entire US economy in the process, bankrupting millions and reallocating massive amounts of wealth from the middle and lower classes to the wealthiest folks in the country (and largest political donors).

Crickets.  Oh, and an 80 plus percent re-election rate.

The terrorist attack on the consulate at Benghazi was covered up as being a protest gone awry, and now we’re finding out that we left those people to die because we were too chickenshit to send them some help.  President Obama and Secretary Clinton both had some big back-and-forths about those 3 am phone calls and who would deal with them better – turns out they both would have just cleared their messages so the beeper would stop bothering them and went back to sleep, because that’s what both of them did.


Now, we find out that the IRS is targeting the political opponents of the current president, and what do we hear?

Fucking crickets!

Wake up, folks, we’ve got a long list of really bad things going on here; a laundry list of bad actions committed by our Federal Government in the name of political opportunism, and no one is saying a thing. 

Stop with the crickets, already…

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