Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Mark Cuban is Either a Liar or a Coward

The same goes for every “truther” who believes, despite the mountain of evidence against such a claim, that George Bush and a cabal of thousands of others planned and executed the 9/11 attacks as a ‘false flag’ excuse to go to war, presumably because, you know…
…and profit!… 
OK, so the reasoning behind their little conspiracy nutbaggery isn’t the only thing missing, because Halliburton and profit couldn’t possibly explain it (although that is the only justification I could come up with in my search of “truther” sites).  The reason being that there would need to be thousands of people involved in this plot. 
Let’s take a look at some of the theories that they’ve thrown out there and give them the sniff test, with our analysis based solely off of nothing more than the old saw “two people can keep a secret, if one of them is dead.”  Let’s start from the tippy top:
The Pentagon
One of the more whacky theories out there is that a cruise missile hit the Pentagon and it was made to look like an airliner crashed into it.  There are variations on this one, such as the plane that crashed was a plane, but wasn’t the hijacked civilian plane, but was rather a military plane laden with explosives, and so forth).  Let’s look at the participant list on this one:
·       the flag officers off of whatever naval ship fired the cruise missile.  Or the military base.  Or whomever fired it.
·       The targeting guy on board the vessel.
·       The guys responsible for supply would notice a cruise missile went missing, right?  
·       Then you have all the obviously paid government stooges who “claimed” to have watched an airplane crash into the pentagon – we can discount those folks all together, right?  
·       Forget the video showing the plane crash, too – it is obviously a forgery.  Of course, this means that some more people were paid to develop a forged surveillance video of a plane crashing into the Pentagon somehow, and of course, they were totally in on it, too, since they haven’t reported a thing in the last decade.
So how many is that?  Hundreds at this point?  But it gets worse…
The WTC “Controlled Demolition”  
The next conspiracy theory has to do with a fatally flawed understanding of how steel works, in the claim that fire can’t melt steel, and so could not have possibly caused a steel building to collapse.  Therefore, the WTC collapse (and more fervently on these boards, for some damn reason, the WTC building 7 collapse) was a controlled demolition.  
Fair enough; let us just ignore the fact that there were totally planes that totally flew right into the buildings, and that they have that on video.  Let’s go ahead and count up all the folks that would have had to know about a controlled demolition beforehand, who weren’t killed in the attack and have now had a lot of time to think about it and think about how a nice, big book deal and the millions to go with it would be.
·        To plan a demolition of a building the size of the WTC (or even just WTC 7) you’d have had an extremely large construction crew in that facility for weeks.  Estimates from a friend in that industry range from 25 to 100 crew members to complete that work, depending on how long they took to do it.  So you’d have very large construction and demolition crews mobbing the building for weeks prior to the event setting charges and preparing the demolition.  Let’s just cut it in the middle and say 50 people directly involved with setting the charges, since they probably had time. But then you have management at the company who ordered the materials, and the supplier warehouses, who even if they didn’t know where the explosives were going, don’t you think they would have remembered selling a shit-ton of explosives right before the event happened?  Say they went black market on the explosives – you think that there isn’t a single black marketer who hasn’t realized at this point how much money he could make selling his story?
·       All the people in the buildings.  Thousands and thousands of people, almost all of whom survived the attacks, because they happened before most people went to work that day.  You see, rigging a building for explosive demolition is not an operation that you can cover up by making it look like someone doing a bit of telecom work, or even an entire re-wiring of the building.  They’d be in there tearing out walls and ceilings to access structural members (which are normally built into the walls for aesthetic reasons).  They’d be running det cords everywhere.  The building would have been a mess.  Yet no one reported any such thing, meaning that every single worker in those buildings, many of whom lost loved ones and co-workers in the attack, were all in on it and were bought off with Halliburton slush fund money.  Oh, yeah, and these are some of the most wealthy people on Earth we’re talking about here, so buying them off would not be cheap.  You’d think they’d have missed one person in the buy-out.  You’d think at least one person remembered large amounts of demolition going on, and det cords running all over the building. No one does, amazingly enough.  So, now you have thousands of survivors that were probably ALL IN ON IT, who despite knowing that the buildings were going to be imploded still went into the buildings on that day and risked their lives – for what?  Some money?  All of them?  Every, stinking, one?    
·       You’d also have the federal regulators who monitor explosives and keep track of where they are at all times.    
By the time you add it all up, you are talking about easily thousands of people involved, and many of these folks have no connection to one another.  How is a naval flag officer connected to a video photoshopper in Washington DC?  How did they get into this grand conspiracy together?  How were all the thousands of these people vetted to make sure that they wouldn’t talk?  Who did the vetting?  Why have none of the vetters talked?  Money?  Halliburton didn’t make enough profit to pay off this many people.  Where did the money come from?  
But all of this is beside my main point, which is this: 
If Mark Cuban and his truther ilk really, truly believed that what they espouse is true, then they shouldn’t be going to baseball games and enjoying beers in their owner box, as Mark Cuban is doing.  If he truly believed that our government was so corrupt and evil as to have, in their pocket, the thousands of people necessary to plan and pull off the murder of almost 3,000 people so that they could make a little money, then he should be standing on a line somewhere, with a rifle in his hand, fighting against this horrific government, which, if found to be guilty of these crimes, would be on par with Nazi Germany.  Rosie O’Donnel, Charlie Sheen, Mark Cuban, and all you other truthers – if they really believe this drivel that they are spouting, they’d be at war with a murderous government, not struggling to overcome massive cases of irrelevance and being overweight, or trying to unsink a tanking acting career, or…  doing whatever the fuck it is that Mark Cuban does besides be a douchecanoe.  
Instead, Mark keeps going to baseball parties every Sunday, Rosie keeps shoveling food into her fat fucking mouth like a CAT 320 excavator, and Charlie keeps abusing porn stars in ridiculously overpriced hotel rooms.  And the rank and file truthers out there just post away anonymously on internet comment sections, in a tone and in a manner that belies the fact that they are really enjoying being “smarter” than everyone else and “knowing” these things that they don’t know, as opposed to one of shock and horror, as it really ought to be if they truly believed the garbage that they are spouting. 
SO I can come to only two conclusions: 
1.)  They truly believe that they live under a government so evil that it could only be eclipsed by Nazi Germany, itself, and are choosing to do nothing about it besides making “documentaries” getting out the “truth” (never mind that these documentaries are highly profitable – hey, don’t blame me, turnabout is fair play!  If profit is evil, then its evil no matter who makes it, right?).  Never mind that the “truth” in these documentaries are mostly outright fabrications, but hey…  If this is true, and they truly believe the drivel that they are spouting while attending parties and living life as if nothing is wrong, then they are evil cowards.
2.)  They are lying through their teeth for attention and profit.  If this doesn’t cheapen the sacrifices of the people who died in this tragedy, I’m not sure what does.   
I believe that both options are true to an extent.  These people are all lying cowards.  Every one of them. 
I had a comment exchange with a dipshit like this over at Judgy Bitch’s place yesterday.  She was writing about the creepy fanfiction being written about women having fantasies about the Tsarnev brothers when he chimed in:
Osama bin Laden?
Try this:
Per definition, a terrorist attack is aimed to create a societal change through fear.
Given that, it makes no sense to create an elaborate fear inducing plot, and when you got the attention of the world, when you get you chance to get you message out and try to make a societal impact… you deny any involvement.
Building 7
At this point, I want to take a second to point out that this guy’s avatar was a Guy Fawkes mask.  I didn’t point out how much this further proved his historical ignorance, because Guy Fawkes is really a misunderstood man.  This wasn’t a man fighting against an evil regime.  This was a man trying to install his own evil regime.  Yeah, he fought Hitler, but only so he could take Hitler’s place.  Not exactly the guy I’d want to use as my mascot, but moving on…

I replied:

i don’t mind if you and all of your stupid fucking friends want to be idiots in private, but could you try harder not to let it all out in public all the time? it is getting exhausting.
I know, fire can’t melt steel, right? fucking moron.

He replied to me:
Grumpy? Remember that time you lit your oven for five second or whatever the duration of a gas combustion is, and your oven turned into gum-like consistency and started to implode at freefall speed?
Yeah, that was bin Laden fucking with the laws of conservation of energy just to make you fill all shitty.
He was such a dick.

Apparently, he thinks that starting an oven for 5 seconds is a direct equivalent to flying a fucking airplane into a building.  I’m not sure how you even start to have a reasonable dialog with a guy like this, but I tried:

Not grumpy. Just tired of fucking cowards like you pretending you’re so smart and knowledgeable when you’re dumb as fuck. You don’t want to get into this with me because I promise that my engineering degree trumps your “read about it on the internet once” expertise.
Also, just to clarify why I think you’re a coward…
If you truly believed that your government murdered three thousand of your fellow citizens so that Halliburton could make a profit, then why haven’t you done anything about it? You get up and go to work every day in a country run by murderers and all you can muster is a comment on a blog full of raised eyebrows and innuendo more tailored to show everyone how smart you are than to actually drum up outrage. This isn’t a game. People died. If you think that you know who did it then grow a set and do something about it, pussy.

I hope I didn’t hurt his feelings, but my point stands.  If I have proof that a group of evil men in the government had killed 3,000 of my fellow citizens for their own profit, I’d demand some heads, and when I didn’t get that, I’d shuck that smoke-wagon and go to work.   
But that isn’t what happened.  Not by a long shot. And I think that people like Cuban, and Sheen, and this dipshit over at JBs actually know that, because that is the only way that I can figure out why they still live here, comfortably, in a country that they think is run by murderers.  

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