Monday, March 25, 2013

Outdoor Update – March 2013

I left work early on Friday and headed for Portland, Oregon, the land of the lower Columbia River and spring Chinook Salmon fishing.  I hit my buddy’s house in Hillsboro, Oregon at 9 pm, and then stayed up until 2 am getting the boat ready to go and catching up.  We launched in the morning and started having problems, to the point to where we couldn’t fish because the boat wouldn’t run.  We were 7 miles out from the launch, and had to run back in at half the speed of smell on the kicker motor.  We then proceeded to spend the remainder of the weekend trying to get the boat to run.  We never did succeed. 

 Working on boats is never much fun, as my buddy Ian is demonstrating here

We went to a good cigar and whiskey bar in Hillsboro called McMinimans.   Had some Laphroaig Quarter Cask scotch and a Punch cigar.  Amazing on both counts.  I’m going to have to pick up a bottle of that Laphroaig.  That’s some damned good stuff.  It smelled strongly of vanilla, and had a sweet flavor that I’ve never picked up drinking any other scotch before. 

So we didn’t catch any fish because we barely even got a line in the water.  But we enjoyed ourselves anyway, and worked on the boat just like the old days when we were constantly working on our stuff because it was all junk.  

But not anymore - nice boat, right?  Too bad it is broken in this picture

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