Friday, March 15, 2013

But Teh Ebul Kemikals is Gonna Kill Us All!!!!eleventy11!!

As I’ve been saying all along, “organic” farming – the little butt-nugget of feel-goodery that keeps sprouting up in seemingly every grcery store and every talking point of the eco-facists – is not a good thing.  It sprang from a massive fear of chemicals – such as pesticides and “inorganic” fertilizers that allow our modern farms to feed the masses at rates far above what the likes of Ehrlich ever thought we could when he wrote his warnings back in the 70’s of famine by the mid-1980s.  If we switched to “all Organic, all the time” farming today, there WOULD be a famine like the world has never seen, but that, I guess, is not an issue.  It would only be those “brown” folks “over there” that starved, anyway, so rich white folks have nothing to wrry about.  Like I’ve been saying all along, the racism in these pet eco-causes is barely even hidden.    

What is more, these fears of chemicals are largely unfounded.  There has never been a study that has shown that these chemicals cause harm in the production of food.  Ever. 

What HAS been proven to cause harm is bacterial contamination.  Bacteria, like that from cow turds, which is the major source of “organic” fertilizer used in our wonderful “organic” farms.  This prostration to all things natural has never made since to me.  You know what else is natural?  Ricin.  Cyanide.  The most deadly toxins known to man are 100% certified natural.  You know what else it totally natural? 


Like the E. Coli that was recently found in the farmed produce from one German organic farm that recently made the news for sickening hundreds of people and killing 29.  We now have one German “organic” farm that is responsible for the deaths of more people than the much-maligned Gulf oil spill, Exxon Valdez oil spill, and the Fukushima Nuclear disaster combined, but you won’t hear about that in the news, I’m sure.  

You know how many people have been proven to have been killed by the dangerous chemicals used in non-organic farming?  Zero.  Zippo.  Zilch.  Nada.  (Unless you count industrial accidents either at the place of manufacture or the farm, itself).  

You can have your organic limes.  When I drink my Tequila, I savor the wonderful pesticide aftertaste.  You can savor the bacteria-ifested cowshit all over your limes if you want, but count me out.

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