Monday, July 22, 2013

Brewster Pool - Sockeye Fishing

I went Sockeye Salmon fishing on Saturday, and ran into something that has me perplexed beyond words, almost…

The sockeye at Brewster Pool this year are frigging tiny.  The biggest I hauled in was 18”.  I didn’t see an over 20” fish caught all day Saturday. 

 Mini Sock in the box...

I’m searching the web for some insight as to why the socks are all midgets this year, but haven’t found anything yet.  It has to be ocean conditions leading to reduced food supply – that’s the only thing I can think.  It was a little surprising – I was expecting to bring a couple 3 or 4 pound socks home and ended up with a couple fish the size of a medium-sized rainbow, instead…  

 Combat fishing on the Columbia

Sundown Friday Night

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