Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Conclusively Settled...

This XKCD comic made me laugh:


 But it did more than that, also.  It reinforced something that I’ve felt for years but never really had a good way to put it without flaming a bunch of people on.  It goes a little something like this:

Bigfoot does not exist. 

I know, right?  Pretty certain words for something so controversial.

It just can’t be.  PEOPLE get hit by cars all the time.  Are you seriously suggesting that Bigfoot has somehow figured out better than the most intelligent hominid out there, how not to get run over when crossing a highway for nearly 120 years now?  How about game cameras?  I see them out in the forest constantly.  They are less than $100, to get a motion activated, night vision, infrared, high definition camera trap.  Hunters put them everywhere.  No bigfoot pics?  Not one? 

How about bones?  Teeth? 

We have more bones and teeth from a giant hominid called Gigantopithecus, that died out 50,000 years ago, than we do from one that supposedly still walks the earth. 

How about the fact that other than humans, no other primate lives outside the tropics? 

How about the fact that no primate hibernates, but to live in temperate and sub-artic forests,  a large omnivore like bigfoot supposedly is would almost certainly need to hibernate through the winter? 

Or that very elusive, very rare creatures live amongst us as we speak, but we still totally know they are there?  Like, for instance, the wolverines of Washington State, or the forest caribou of northern Idaho? 

Or, as this  XKCD comic points out, the fact that we all have cameras on us all the time now?  

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