Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Progressive Movement Seems to Think That They Have the Answer to Everything.

One of the things that progressives are so certain that they have an answer to is the question of evil in our society.  They see evil as a societal ill, that they can control or eliminate by tweaking the controls of society. For instance, they think that they can eliminate it by denying the evil men the tools of their trade.  Take away the man’s gun, they reason, and he won’t be able to commit evil acts. 

Me?  I see evil as having been with us since way before guns were around.  Hell, it was among us before there was such a thing as society, so I’m not entirely certain that taking away the guns is going to accomplish a damn thing. 

So what would I do about evil? 

Well, first off, I’m not entirely sure that there is anything that you can do to stop it.  Anywhere you find men, you’ll find men among them willing to do evil against other men for their own enjoyment and their own gain. 

Second, even if you find something that can be done (which would be a massive, theoretical leap, since we haven’t figured out what to do with evil for the last 25,000 years), chances are it will take years to implement and years to actually work.  In the mean time, it will continue preying on the innocent among us. 

In the history of man the only thing that has ever worked to beat back the inexorable tide of evil has been righteous violence committed by good men in defense of the innocent. 

And so, given the points above, the only thing that can be done, right now, to stop the societal bleeding being caused by evil among us is to arm the innocent, prepare them to defend themselves, and to ensure that more people among us are prepared to do violence against it.  Therefore, it is my opinion that the progressive desire for gun control is actually counter-productive to their overriding goal, which is to reduce violence and stop evil men from committing it. 

The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing to stop it…

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