Friday, April 19, 2013

Sickening Blood Dancing, Proven Wrong Once Again

I can’t help but be sickened at how absolutely gleeful so many people were at the prospect that the Boston Bombers would be tea-party “extremists.”  I won’t link to them, because Borepatch took care of it already, and I’m lazy as fuck.  So go over there, click through some of the links he offers up.  It will piss you off.  Here’s a snippet:

- Just hours after the bombing, Michael Moore blamed the Tea Party for the tragedy, tweeting “2+2 =” followed by “Tax Day. Patriots Day.”
 - A opinion piece published last night entitled, “Let’s hope the Boston Marathon bomber is a white American,” expressed the desire that the “bomber ends up being a white anti-government extremist.”
 - Former Bill Clinton advisor David Axelrod also hinted yesterday on MSNBC that the attack could have been a form of tax protest.
 - A US Forest Service PR rep also took to Twitter to blame the bombing on the Tea Party, writing, “I fear nutty logic goes like this … Patriots Day. April 15. Tax Day. Bad government. Boston. Tea Party. Let’s show ‘em.”
 - Actor and comedian Jay Mohr blamed the bombings on the Second Amendment, tweeting, “What bothers me most about today is that we’re getting used 2 it. ENOUGH. 2nd amendment must go. Violence has 2 stop. Culture MUST change.”
And these people are once again, like Contessa Brewer the last time, going to be absolutely despondent that the offenders once again turned out to be Islamist extremists.  Not upset that people were killed and injured, but that reality once again proved their political worldview to be wrong.

How fucking sickening are these people?  They remind me of the blood-dancers after Newtown, waving the bloody t-shirts of those dead kids to forward their political views before they had even removed the bodies from them. 

Fuck you, people.  If your political worldview is so important to you that you immediately start spinning tragedy for political gain before they’ve even finished cleaning up the scene of the crime, then you seriously need to look at yourself in the mirror and try to figure out what the hell went wrong – because something is wrong with you…

Seriously, profoundly wrong.  

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