Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Philosopher Kings

I dislike having conversations with philosophy majors.  Mainly because the regurgitate the crap that they learned in school without ever bothering to truly understand it.  Also because they often times have a sense of smug self-importance due to their perception that they have some unique outlook on life, and are particularly enlightened to a level that others just haven’t reached due to their studies in cheap mental parlor tricks.  They usually use their gift of enlightenment to tongue-tie people with stupid paradoxes that sound good but don’t hold water in true observation.  As I said, these mental regurgitations are nothing more than cheap parlor tricks that someone else far smarter than they are came up with eons ago, but these modern-day “philosophers” view them as proof of their intelligence. 

If a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to hear it, it does, indeed, make a sound.  I know this because the physics of sound waves do not depend on someone being there to observe them. 

You may think that your Zeno paradoxes are super clever, but when all I have to do is jog past a person that is walking away from me to refute your super-clever little word game, you are not smart – you’re boring.   

Such is the problem with so much that is going on in politics today.  They are more concerned with the philosophy of an act or a law than they are with the actual proven, real-world results.  They spend all of their time debating what color the Olympic-level sprinter should be wearing as he approaches, but never reaches, the position of the turtle that he is trying to run down, and totally miss the actual result when the Olympic sprinter easily catches the turtle and passes him in a few easy strides.  All of these things look good on paper but none of them hold up when put under real world scrutiny. 

They can’t fathom how lowering a tax rate can actually result in increased revenues, and how raising one can actually reduce them.  It never even occurs to them that we might be better off in the healthcare system if they’d LIFT laws, not stack on additional laws.  It never crosses their mind that our poverty problem is made worse by our current welfare and entitlement system, not better.  Far be it for them to truly understand how the minimum wage negatively impacts low-wage earners around the nation.  All of that is contrary to their clever little philosophy, so it can’t possibly be true. 

And so the philosopher kings continue to claim that an arrow cannot possibly move through the air while the rest of us take our bows out for target practice and prove them wrong.  Again.  

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