Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Delicious and Savory....

I just can’t resist the opportunity to point out that the complaints of Bernie Sanders, over the awarding of delegates to Hillary Clinton that are rightfully his, are just delicious, in a schadenfreudey and totally savory way.  This is a man who’s entire worldview, belief system, and political will is directed towards a system where we strategically take things away from people that earned those things and gift them to others that have not, complaining his guts out when that exact thing happens to him.  It proves to me that he is a disgusting, pathetic, avaricious, and lazy man.  He has no redeeming qualities, whatsoever.  To stand in front of the nation and advocate the looting of the successful for the benefit of the indolent, incapable, and lazy, and then complain when he is looted, himself, is despicable. 

More proof, as it were, that the people that simply LOVE socialism, only actually love it when they are either immune from its injustices (ie, they are the ruling class) or are the beneficiaries of them (ie, they are the looting class).  As soon as you turn the tables, and they no longer benefit, it amazes me to see how quickly they scuttle for cover and start claiming that “this is not what we had in mind!” 

*Quick caveat – this is not to say that all of the poor and disadvantaged are indolent, incapable, or lazy.  Some of them, in fact, perhaps even most of them, are genuine cases of need, but I don’t think one needs to install socialism to deal with these cases.  Socialism, on the other hand, is a broad-stroke reward for all of those qualities, and is a dangerous thing as a result.  


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