Monday, November 18, 2013

This Isn't an Aberration, Folks - It's Exactly What I Knew Would Happen

I love to see the shocked looks on all of the faces of the technocrats and their supporters over this Obamacare debacle.  They are shocked – just SHOCKED – I tell you, that this hasn’t worked out.  They just can’t grok a world where top down command and control structures aren’t the best choice for every operation. 

I hate to say it, but I FUCKING TOLD YOU SO! 

The thing is, these folks are still spinning this as if it is an aberration – just some inexcusable, monumental screwup that they’ll be able to fix soon enough, if given the chance.  I look at it as I always have:

Folks, this isn’t an aberration.  It is the standard by standard every time the government tries to do something.  It just normally doesn’t effect you as much as this is going to effect you.  I tried to tell you, but you wouldn’t listen. 

They fuck up everything they touch, folks.  Most people that have this faith in the government fall into three categories:

1.       Government employees so hopelessly out of touch with the way things are actually done in the real world that they think this sort of thing is normal;
2.       People who’ve never worked with the government, and just listened to what they were told in civics class in high school;
3.       Drooling fucking morons. 

I work with the government regularly.  I can tell you for quite some time now that I’ve been ranting against this takeover, not because I think our healthcare system is fine and doesn’t need to be fixed, but because I absolutely, positively knew that it was going to be a colossal fuckup of epic proportions.  The people that I work with at the federal government are the most incompetent, self-sure, oblivious and obnoxious people I’ve ever worked around.  They have absolutely no idea what’s going on, but will be the first one to tell you how things should be done. 

This is the result.  This, friend, is what you lauded and hoped for.  To have the most incompetent and least self-aware group of people in our nation take control of your healthcare choices.  And it is a fuckup.  And that isn’t a mistake or an aberration – it’s exactly what I expected, and if you’re smart, what you should continue to expect.  

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